Exhibitor Terms and Conditions


For all events in 2018


Electricity is made available at no extra cost, to all stands, but you are required to supply your own extension leads and adapters to reach the nearest supply point.  Please ensure that the maximum output is no more than 3 amps per outlet. Please ensure that all electrical equipment is tested to EEC Regulations and protected by the circuit Breaker. Any appliances or extensions used should be in a good state of repair with no obvious defects and carry the appropriate fuse for the appliance.

All cables must be secured and taped up to prevent slips, trips and falls. All equipment should be PAT tested and carry the appropriate sticker.

Leaflets/Samples/Display Material

Leaflets, canversing and samples must remain within the bounds of your stand area. There will be a designated area for leaflets.  Please do not place leaflets elsewhere in the venue, including toilets.  Fly posters are likewise not permitted unless previously agreed with the Festival organisers and will be removed if found .The use of blu-tak, Velcro, adhesive tape and drawing pins is not allowed on the fabric of the venue, costs incurred for damage to the building from the use of these fixings will be passed to the exhibitor concerned.   

Exhibitor, Stands and Badges

No one will be admitted into the Festival without an exhibitor’s badge. A maximum number of two persons per stand are permitted.  Those that require having more than two persons, prior permission must be obtained and names must be logged with the organiser two days before the event.  Subletting or sharing of stand space is only permitted with prior agreement.

The organiser reserves the right to alter the venue plan at any time without consultation with the exhibitors.

Lighted candles or the burning of incense or tea lights may be used on any stand, either as decoration or to display products but must be accompanied by a fire blanket, fire extinguisher or/and a bucket of sand.

Any liquid spillage must be removed as quickly as possible.

The Exhibitor is required to ensure that all banners, decorative furniture and equipment is secure and does not have adverse effects on fellow exhibitors and the general public visiting the event. Chairs are supplied 2 per stand – extras are available at the event and may be requested from the organiser, use of tables extra to those supplied must be agreed with the event organiser.

Unloading and Dismantling

Once unloaded, please move your vehicle away from the entrance and if possible, park so as not to restrict local traffic or visitor access to the venue. Once the venue is open to the public and doors are closed on all other entrances and exits, access must be through the main entrance to the event and not through any other doors or fire exits for reasons of security and safety. Please Note all stands are for the two days available.

Dismantling the stands must not commence until the Festival has closed on the Sunday after 5pm.


Failure to comply with the complementary medicine festival payment schedule will result in cancellation to stand booking without notice. The full Balance is due 10 weeks prior to the Festival you will be notified by invoice and payment must be made by return.

A £50.00 deposit at time of booking is required.  Stands will be allocated when required by the Festival Organiser in the interest of ensuring a well-balanced Festival and requirements of the venue

Deposits are Non Refundable

Cheques are to be made payable to ICMF LTD. 

Bank Account Details are as follows

ACCOUNT 31221132              SORT CODE 40.22.28

We will exercise our right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery cost under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to the agreed term


Cancellations must be made in writing. Full payments are required if a cancellation is made within 8 weeks prior to the Festival.


Ilkley Complementary Medicine Festival (ICMF) reserves the right to exclude any exhibitor without giving any explanation.


The exhibitor shall take out adequate insurance in respect to all liabilities of the stand holders in relation to the festival. Stand holders are required to have minimum £1 million pound public liability insurance.

While every effort will be made regarding overnight security, no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage to any products, stock or equipment

Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their stands and their own insurance cover for stock and equipment.

Readers must hold Professional Indemnity and Traders who manufacture, mix or apply products must hold products liability and comply with the trading standards legislation – all exhibitors must comply with current labeling regulations, weights and measures legislation for any  home produced products,

Up to date proof of insurance must be supplied at the time of booking.

Conflict of Interest

To prevent conflict of interest, exhibitors confirm by accepting they will not hold a similar festival with in a 50-mile radius of those planned by the ICMF Ltd.




Content Of Interest

All product and services offered must be listed on the booking form. (This enables us to have a well-balanced Festival.)

You may be requested to remove or withdraw any products and services, which are not listed, on the booking form.

Web Site Informationwere a stand holder has a web site it is required that a link is established between ICMF and the exhibitors web site 12 weeks before the event and 4 weeks after

Workshops and talks — those of you who wish to present a workshop at the event, please complete the section on the booking form and return for our records. You will be contacted and offered slots were available and as the program allows.  Any admission funds raised in the Kings Hall or any other venue  will be to the benefit of the festival organiser – unless agreed prior to the event with those involved in the workshop


All talks and workshops are accompanied with this disclaimer  –  to be displayed at the venue by the organiser “ICMF Ltd and the organisers wish it to be known that the views of the Speakers and Exhibitors are not necessarily those of the organisers and the company and that no responsibility can be taken for the contents of any workshops, consultations, talks, products or services – any one taking part in readings or consultations do so of their own free will”.

Contact Details – Mail 179 Queensway, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7PA

mobile 07939468822   Email  info@icmf.co.uk