Sunday Workshops 29th October 2017





Sunday 29th  October 2017


**********************ROOM 1***********************                                


ROOM 1  10.30 am -11.30 am TICKETS £2.00 


thumb_IMG_1559_1024ROOM 1 11.30 am -12.30 pm TICKETS £2.00 

The Centaurs Wisdom

Chiron is the famous Centaur of ancient Greek myth who – famed for his great wisdom as philosopher, healer, strategist and astrologer – became tutor to many of the greatest Greek heroes including Hercules, Achilles and Theseus. Later in his story – poisoned by an arrow that had been dipped in the Hydras blood – Chiron in eternal torment – being immortal – was lifted into the stars by Zeus that he might be freed from his pain and yet remain eternal and forever. As a result of this astrologically Chiron became associated with karmic wounds and the transmutation of them that mankind might move forwards on their own heroes journey. In this lecture we will work closely with Chiron as God and archetype, learning more of his story and the Centaurs nature and how to call upon his power. We will explore the need for karmic healing and how this might be achieved for ones self and others using simply and yet tried and tested methods that can be applied to karmic wounds, karmic patterns and ties and karma in its truest and often times most difficult sense. The lecture will include exercises, meditation and a live trance channeling from Chiron himself! Edwin Courtney Stand 67/68


Jenny536Room 1: 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm TICKETS £2.00

Inner Peace ….NOW!

Do you have a chattering mind…..especially late at night? Come along 

and learn ways to stay present so you can feel more grounded and calm in 

daily life. Stand 6


thumb_IMG_1559_1024Room 1: 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm TICKETS £2.00

Archangelic Prescriptions – ‘Take two Archangels and call me in the morning!’

There are literally thousands of Archangels – each created by the Divine to watch over and guard a particular aspect of creations from the sublime Kara Dai – the Archangel of Frost – to the mighty Elohim the Guardians of Time itself! These magnificent presences can be invoked by man to help them, their mighty powers channeled for protection, manifestation, healing and cleansing – to help ourselves or others, to help humanity as a whole and the world upon which we live. In this fascinating experiential workshop we will explore many of the mighty Archangels that exist, that we might better know which presence to petition and call upon when we need them, learning simple and yet powerful techniques for safely channeling their mighty energy as well as hitherto forgotten and lost techniques for powerful Angel Magick. As well as this all those who attend will be told which of all the Archangels is their Patron and what exactly this means! The one lecture will include meditation, live trance channeling and experiential exercises and magical ritual! Edwin Courtney Stand 67/68


Room 1: 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm TICKETS £2.00

Love Your Liver Feel ALIVEr

Talk on liver Gallbladder Cleansing with Susan Laing , Iridiologist ,Naturopath  Nutritionist                       Author of  Love Your Liver Feel ALIVEr Book for inflammatory health problems with raw food recipes and liver detox

Did you know a healthy liver Keeps :

*Disease at Bay  *you Look Young *Feel full of zesty energy *Adds years to your life and hormonal System

*loose weight * Bile flow is essential for good Digestion and all Health Conditions

see more at 


Room 1: 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm TICKETS £2.00 


*****************************ROOM 2*****************************


Room 2 10.30 am – 11.30 pm TICKETS £2.00 

The Bowen Technique 

See how this gentle yet powerful soft tissue therapy can help with musculo-skeletal problems and much. much more.  Two participants will be offered a free treatment during the workshop.                          Sheelagh Dale and Jenny Howarth


annalouise 2014Room 2 11.30 am – 12.30 pm TICKETS £2.00

Living as the Divine Sacred Feminine you were born to be (Sunday)

Rise and shine in the radiant energy of the Divine Sacred Feminine that is awakening within you. Now is the time to truly acknowledge and embody the wisdom, energy and power that has been incubating for generations. Join Anna-Louise Haigh and discover how to bring your wild woman wisdom into your everyday life and benefit yourself and others naturally.


Room 2 12.30 am – 1.30 pm TICKETS £2.00 


Jenny536Room 2 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm TICKETS £2.00

Flower Essences, Therapy and  Healing . 

Learn how to easily offer enahanced benefits for yourself and those you work with using Bailey Composite Essence, made in Ilkley for the past 50 years!  Make up a dosage bottle for yourself during the workshop. Jenny Howarth


as-logoRoom 2: 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm TICKETS £2.00

Aura-Soma and the World of Colour

Discover what an Aura-Soma Consultation can reveal to you. 

How it can help and support you to recognize your gifts and talents. And to show you what your future can offer. Stand 55/56


logo 2013Room 2: 3.30 pm – 5pm TICKETS £5.00

Divine Dancing: Cultural Dancing/Shamanic Movement
Come and join in a magical journey using a variety of cultural dances and shamanic movements, designed to release blocks not only from the physical body, but the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies too. Come and find  your own rhythm and movements inspired by cultural dances which are actually Divine dancing,  an ancient  practice from the days of Atlantis and beyond.
Tap into your own divine inner goddess or god and release the parts of yourself that need expressing!
Come and feel the love and express the joy from your soul.

£5.00 per person

Mussarat Rahman and Lynda Haigh Stand 74


*****************************ROOM 3 *************************


Room 3: 10.30 am – 11.30 pm TICKETS £2.00


logo 2013Room 3: 11.30 am – 12.30 pm TICKETS £2.00

“Alkaline Nutrition, Personalized and pre-emptive Medicine “ – Jan McSkimming from Eden Alkaline Health gives insights into how the ancient principles of Homoeopathy are meeting with new technologies of Alkaline nutrition and DNA testing to tailor treatments and pre-emptive health care to the individual.

Deal with health Challenges before they arise.

Jan McSkimming Stand 28


Room 3: 12.30 pm -1.30 pm TICKETS £2.00


annalouise 2014Room 3: 1.30 pm -2.30 pm TICKETS £2.00 

Celebration of the Chakras (Sunday)

When you feel something is not quite right within you but you don’t know what it is, chances are your Chakras are calling to you. Feeling in balance and harmony is the foundation of good wellbeing and happiness. Your chakras are the foundation to your wellbeing on all levels. Join Anna-Louise Haigh for a dive into the world of the chakras and discover how they can benefit you.


logo 2013Room 3: 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm TICKETS £2.00 

Learn more about Spirit Guides and a powerful meditation to meet your own personal Spirit Guides. Also I will be selling my book which I will sign and write a personal channelled message. Taster healing sessions will be offered also at the stand.

David Walther, Healer, Medium, Gatekeeper Stand 17


thumb_IMG_1559_1024Room 3: 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm TICKETS £2.00 

Oh My Goddess

The Goddess is the Divine Mother of All – creatrix and source of original magick she has a made herself known throughout history in a hundred thousand different cultures wearing many faces and baring many names. Many are drawn to her ways – to her magick and her philosophy of life but many struggle when presented with so many different manifestations of her grace to know which – if any – to call upon! This lecture explores the Goddess as Universal Mother and cultural manifestation looking in depth at the Goddess as archetypal warrior, mother, healer, inspirer and guide. Exploring some of her specific manifestations and the many ways that we might use to call upon her and embrace her grace wisdom and power. All those who attend will receive indication from a specific manifestation of the Goddess who chooses to step forwards at this moment in time as patroness and throughout the talk Edwin will detail exactly why this aspect of the Great Lady has chosen you those who attend! The lecture will contain meditations, magical exercises and live trance channeling from the Goddess! Edwin Courtney Stand 67/68


Disclaimer – ICMF Ltd and the Organisers wish it to be known that the views of the Speakers and Exhibitors are not necessarily those of the organisers and the company and that NO responsibility can be taken for the contents of any workshops, consultation, talks, products or services – anyone taking part in readings or consultations do so of their own free will. If anyone does not understand this statement, please seek clarification from reception or the workshop leader before commencement, otherwise we reserve the right to assume you have understood and are happy to be part of the proceedings