The Directory of Therapists in Ilkley

therapistsofilkleyThe Therapists of Ilkley is a group of complementary therapists  who work in the Ilkley area; they meet every month to keep up-to-date with what each other are doing. The Group has also produced a Directory of local Complementary Therapists which is being distributed to GP practices in the area. In this way, information is available to GPs and to their patients about the complementary therapies available locally.

The Directory is now available on line.

Please Click on this link to take you to the web page for the Ilkley Therapist


There are over 100 therapists on the list of the Therapists of Ilkley group. If you are a therapist, working in the Ilkley area, and you would like to join this informal Group, please email Jenny Howarth ( or Paul Birch (

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Disclaimer – ICMF Ltd and the Organisers wish it to be known that the views of the Therapists , Speakers and Exhibitors are not necessarily those of the organisers and the company and that NO responsibility can be taken for the contents of any workshops, consultation, talks, products or services – anyone taking part in consultations do so of their own free will. If anyone does not understand this statement, please seek clarification from Michael Weaver or the Therapist  before commencement, otherwise we reserve the right to assume you have understood and are happy to be part of the proceedings and Treatments.